Member's Iftar 2017
11 June, 2017

BGCCI organized and hosted an Iftar for its members on 11th of June 2017. The event was exclusively for BGCCI members and country’s high level government representatives. Dr. Gowher Rizvi, The International Affairs Advisor to the PM, Dr. Thomas Prinz, The Ambassador of Germany, Mr. Tobias Becker, Country Director of GIZ and many other dignitaries accepted the invitation and attended the Iftar along with honorable BGCCI members.

BGCCI tries to hold the value of togetherness and solidarity at the core of it’s believe. BGCCI believes that together the bilateral business community can bring a better economic change for Bangladesh. A better bondage can be created through the events where both of the bilateral community can relate with each other. By strengthening the bondage between the members, a better business climate can be created eventually.

The members participated with huge enthusiasm. Representatives from different companies, corporate bodies, business chambers, government and non-government organizations, embassies and ministries of Bangladesh government came close and mingled with utter spontaneity. Particularly the business community of Bangladesh got a chance to mingle and talk with the policy makers and different high level government officials. This event brought the whole bilateral business community to get a chance to share their thoughts and ideas with each other, which often happens in BGCCI’s business networking events.