Ordinary Membership Services 

Registration fee with first year annual fee: 35.000 BDT (Thirty Five Thousands Only)

Renewal fee: 25.000 BDT (Twenty Five Thousands Only)

Access to Online Members’ Directory

Receive Printed Members’ Directory

Invitations to BGCCI business events

BGCCI Newsletter

BGCCI Research Reports

Discounted rate for all BGCCI Business consulting services

Schengen visa support at BGCCI appointments with embassy

Gold Membership Services   

Registration fee with first year annual fee: 210.000 BDT (Two Hundred Ten Thousands Only)

Renewal fee: 100.000 BDT (One Hundred Thousands Only)

Separate Gold Member section in Members’ Directory

Additional one page advert in Members’ Directory

Half-day market research in Bangladesh or Germany

First free advice from BGCCI legal support

Seat at Gold Member & VIP roundtable discussions

Special services at BGCCI business delegations to Europe

Exhibit at German National Day for chosen Gold Members

Company logo featured in BGCCI publications

Company logo featured on BGCCI Website

Company logo featured on outgoing BGCCI e-mails