Bangladesh Germany Trade Relation

Germany is Bangladesh’s second largest export market after the United States. The volume of bilateral trade is continuously growing, reaching a total of 5.24 billion euros in 2015 (and 2.72 billion euros in the first half of 2016). Bangladesh exported to Germany goods worth approximately 4.6 billion euros (2.35 billion euros in the first half of 2016), while its imports from Germany amounted to only around 0.64 billion euros (0.37 billion euros in the first half of 2016). Textiles account for over 90 per cent of German imports from Bangladesh. Other exports to Germany include frozen foods and leather goods. Germany’s main exports to Bangladesh are machinery (55 percent of total exports), chemical products (20 percent) and electrical goods (9 per cent). German shipping companies have had ships built in Bangladesh for a number of years now.

German companies are investing in Bangladesh, particularly in the textile industry, transport and logistics as well as building materials sectors.

A bilateral investment promotion and protection agreement has been in force since September 1986 and a double taxation agreement since 1993.

The figures for trade with Germany for the last few years are given below (Values in US$ million):

Financial Year Export Import  
2015-2016  6,643.57  832.22  
2014-2015 4,154.63 740.6  
2013-2014 5,018.96    
2012-2013 4,195.35    
2011-2012 3,891.08 503.4  
2010-2011 3,438.70 691.30  
2009-2010 2,187.35 469.55  
2008-2009 2,269.75 410.86  
2007-2008 2,174.74 410.86