In 2016 Bangladesh German Chamber of Commerce organized its 4th Global Social Responsibility Conference which was themed “Aid to Trade: Better World, Safer Generation”. Global Social Responsibility, famously known as "GSR Conference" is a vibrant arrangement for exchanging ideas, sharing thoughts and showcasing achievements and activities in CSR. Last year’s event was a huge success and highly appreciated by the stakeholders, panelists and participants. Since 2010, BGCCI is recognized as the catalyst in Private Public Partnership on a larger scale. With a view to facilitating and addressing growth and sustainability issues in Bangladesh, BGCCI as a pioneer organized the first successful Conference in 2010 to allow a platform of discussion and exchanging ideas for national and international stakeholders. Following the great success achieved by the 1st Global Social Responsibility Conference, BGCCI and its partners decided to put more emphasis on promoting the wider approach of CSR, which entails promoting the triple bottom line strategy, thus complementing social economic elements with environmental considerations.

 The 3rd Conference organized in 2014 highlighted innovative and responsible solutions to emerging challenges of water contamination, energy shortage, waste management, and social protection issues that grow with economic progress. BGCCI being a pioneer in organizing such kind of impactful event locally proves that this organization beholds more potentiality within to scale up on such kind of endeavors. With that confidence and experience BGCCI has endeavored another initiative to organize the 5th GSR. The theme of GSR-2017 will be “Business for the society: Sustainable Community, Sustainable Growth.”

This year, Global Social Responsibility Conference in partnership with the Government of Germany, Government of Bangladesh and most prominent business conglomerates operating in Bangladesh, will work on focusing issues like Sustainable Business and Community, challenges and opportunities in Social Enterprises and Generation 2.0 in Business.

The take away as always will be the lessons learned and recommendations made in the GSR platform. Which in the near past have paved the way for sustainable development in Bangladesh and created a better consciousness among the business owners on relationships between sustainability and growth.