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Digital Medical Systems LTD.

Digital Medical Systems Ltd. (DMSL) established in 2004 as Private Limited Company. From establishment DMSL start business with medical equipment import and sales after year start with all type of Lab...

Hohenstein Laboratories Bangladesh Ltd.
Laboratory /Testing

Hohenstein Laboratories are a family-owned company that has specialized for over 70 years in the testing, certification and research of all kinds of textile products. Headquartered in Bönnigheim, G...

Labtech Ltd.
Laboratory /Testing

Labtech Ltd., the subsidiary company of German company “Labtech GmbH” established in 13 August, 2012. They support on a wide scale with their services in different sectors like physical and...

F.Undütsch GmbH / Sterling Multi Technologies Ltd.
Laboratory /Testing equipment

Sterling Multi Technologies Ltd., established in 1995, provides quality products and after sales services for industrial installations, environmental, medical, pharmaceutical, routine & research labor...

Picard Bangladesh Ltd.
Leather Goods

Picard Bangladesh Limited is a Bangladesh – Germany Joint Venture Company formed in 1997. The company manufactures mid to high-end leather goods for international brands. Picard Bangladesh is one...

Apex Footwear Ltd.
Leather Goods

Apex Footwear Ltd. is the pioneering and leading manufacturer and exporter of high quality leather footwear in Bangladesh with current exports to over 130 leading retailers in Europe, North America...

Austan Ltd.
Leather Goods

Austan Ltd. is a 100% export oriented company, equipped with Italian machineries and facilities required for producing high quality leather. Their manufactured leather goods have a competitive market...

Bangladesh Exports Ltd.
Leather Goods

Bangladesh Exports Ltd. is one of the largest shoe manufacturing industries established in Bangladesh back in 1980. Currently they are the leading manufacturers of espadrille shoes in Bangladesh. Thei...

Jennys Shoes Ltd.
Leather Goods

Jennys Shoes Ltd. is a leather footwear manufacturer, exporting to the European, Asian, and American markets for over 30 years. We have a composite of manufacturing infrastructures, such as a leather...

Landmark Footwear Ltd.
Leather Goods

With Strategic Partnership with Apex Footwear Limited, Landmark Footwear Ltd. is the pioneer in leather footwear exports from Bangladesh. They are operated and controlled by Apex’s internationall...

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